Monday, January 26, 2004

Online Diary on the move already!!!!! 

thats right ppl, this online diary is on the move, the reason being is that i tend to forget this diary is here, hence the huge gaps in entries, so i have moved the diary nearer to home. The link is on my welcome page at Floor-13, u cannot miss it! Click on the link above and it'll take you there. There is a profile of me there as well, so u can get to know a little about me :) - so see u over there and I will try and make sure i will add in more entries on a regular basis!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

I had my first driving lesson and the car is still intact!!! :O

yes folks - i had my first test today :D and it went alright - yes i was nervous and yes i stalled the car twice cause i got confused with the clutch and brake thing lol and o yeh i also parked the car in front of a driveway of someones house lol, other than that - i think i done alright.

aaah the familiar sound of the ZX Spectrum loading up a game....bliss!

i have now got the time to set up my zx spectrums and test them to see if they r still working. At the mo' i can hear Magicland Dizzy loading up on a ZX Spectrum +2 (one with the tape cassette built in to it). I am going to attempt to get the sounds off the game and put it into the pc kinda of thing.
so i shall be back later and tell u how it well it goes (or how badly)


Everything was going really well, all tapes were loading up really good and no tapes was eaten by the cassette player, till i get to the game Trapdoor. This game butt refuses to load in the 128k mode....fair play.....it loaded very well in the 48k mode, but the music is very very patchy, so bloody useless to me as i am ripping soumds from the games u c. so i had to set up my ZX Spectrum 128k (i have x2 +3 spectrums, X2 +2 spectrums, 1 128k spectrum and the original baby 48k one fully boxed and all original wires and stuff) which has a dodgy ear socket as i discovered - so needed to wedge a book underneath the wires to get it to connect proper (if u don't know what i am on about - i am going to make up a reference of how the spectrum is set up on Floor-13) but other than that - the game loaded up well and the music was playing perfectly and i was very very happy to know that both tapes work (cause i have 2 copies of the game due to my first copy gotten eaten by my tape player once).
so I am still ripping sounds from the tape as we speak and all is going very well :)

wahoo!! off to see Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Driving Lessons are soooo bloody expensive :( - BUT I WANNA DRIVE NOW!!!!!!

i want to drive now! well i can technically - i have my own car, altho it has no insurance at mo' as i knocked it off a few months ago for being so damn expensive!! - but only slight prob is i only have a provisional licience still :( but hopefully this will all change tomorrow as i am going down to BSM (just down the road from me) in the morning and booking a load of driving lessons. i still fucking hate buses! they are still as shitty as ever and still in a right state........but who gives a shit now, i am not gonna use em any more - they can ......ok thats enuff now.

gotta go to Luton tomorrow just to get a piece of paper stamped.......yes stamped with a bloody great black stamper thing to say i am officially with this housing association and that i pay rent, this isnt a fun visit - this is all for the yearly stinking paperwork to prove that i still cannot afford my rent for yet anohter year! i mean why cant this ppl wait till after christmas when i have a little more money for the train fare. (yes note that i am paying another quid extra to avoid the stinking bus service)

mind i should be happy as i intend to spend part of the afternoon tomorrow fixing a nice new water pump to my car, as the old one is obviously fucked, as it makes more noise than actually doing its job of pumping water round the car.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

UNITED COUNTIES MUST DIE! (or least suffer horrible things for a while)

the reason for this little outburst?

well let me explain it to u

On most Wednesdays I catch the bus to my Mums with my 2 kids got it so far? and the bus service we catch to this village where my mum lives is the 126 (used to be the much better and nicer service 134 2 weeks ago)

Now since 2 weeks ago, the Bedford bus depo has been in constant chaos every single day - no joke, the reason?

they cut back the bus services by half, made redundant 1/2 their employees and have cut back hours on the remaining lot - hence more drivers quiting cause of the ridiculous hours they had to work. I mean who would work for 20 hours a week or less and can still afford to keep themselves living and paying the bills when they only get the bare minumin wage?

Plz also note - there was absolute no warning about these changes in the bus's changing routes and times and bay numbers in which the buses leave from.

o yeh and dont forget these yellow signs they have put up on buses - "use this service or lose it" - well aint that blooming charming!
mind lets be fair to this company - they have introduced buggy friendly buses - 3 to be precise, but only on in-town routes

now the background story is set, now i can get on with our little jaunts with the bus service (or lack of it)

ok lets start from last weds - i was on the high street admiring the new buses - thinking about how nice united counties were for introducing this excellent bus on the town routes.......well this feeling never lasted long when i got to the bus station and discovered that everything has been changed for in my view - the worst! altho to be reasonable - i think they either have financial difficulties - or that the bosses have given themselves a fat payrise. Anyhow, once i have figured out that my bus now leaves 2 bays down from the original bay the bus left from and also that the bus no route is now changed as well. i thought i was all set to get on the bus. All of a sudden 3 buses come along at once and want to go to the same bay, cause what the bus station ppl have done was they have set all the main routes of buses that ppl use the most at one end of the bus station - hence a sudden surge of ppl squashing all around me and the buggy with 2 kids in it, hence while trying to untangle myself from this sudden surge of hundreds of ppl, my bus turns up in 3 bays down from the original bay where it was supposed to stop, the bus driver then decides to forget to get off his hefty arsehole and come down to bay 9 (the original bay where every1 needing the 126) and tell us he is at bay 12, and pisses off leaving behind 20 disgruntled passengers including me and the kids - it was the last bus :) needless to say a massive complaint went up and anohter bus driver had to drive us to the required destination.

This wednesday, again I was going to my mums, i thought ok, lets catch an ealier bus cause then i shall miss the major crowds, plus it was a one off incident, LMAO! how flipping stupid can i be. this time, the bus driver turned up to bay 9 on time alright, on 2 legs with no bus tho! "sorry ppl" he says "but there is no bus available for this route" o hello? u expect us to sit here and let us accept that excuse - NO BLOODY WAY! eventually the poor bus driver finds some clap out old banger of a bus to drive us to our required destination - very nice bus driver i may add - but its a shame he has to work for eeeer .........a badly organised company.

o yeh - u know when i mentioned they have changed the route in which the bus follows to my destination of my mums? they have changed a 30 min ride into a 1hr long drive - we now dance thro all villages possible b4 getting to my required destination - hence 2 very pissed off and bored kids and 1 seriousl annoyed parent........i hate buses - i wanna drive!!!!!!!

ah well.......i hope u was successfully bored with my ranting and complaining of bus companies lol
but i needed to get it out of my system.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Yes i know i have not posted into my diary for nearly a month now. But not alot was going on, only the usualy looking after kids - doing various cartoons and stuff for the website.


I have learn't 2 importatnt things this month so far:

1.never leave ur brand new phone near a cup full of sticky orange juice while kids are about, as this action tends to lead to the distruction of ur phone - basically my ickle one decides to dump the phone into the cup head first and the screen short circuited itself :( and it is only 2 months old. so that was the end of that phone.

number 2 lesson is that i have come to the conculsion that Mr Ian Symes of the Red Dwarf Fan Club Forurn is a possible Twat and numeral other names i can come up for him but are deemed to offensive to be posted into this blog :)

mind i think many other ppl have come to the same conculsion, except for his little (sickingly) fan club that enjoys licking his arse day and night. It's disgusting believe me :)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Interesting times at the moment. I am trying my best to re create a repton based game - but at the mo' failing miserably. First off mistakes to correct on first run - talkie would not move (the main chracter in the game) then on the second run of the game - talkie, when standing still tends to drop down the screen slowly, also noticed that whenever u try to push the boulders, they wont budge, also noticable was the fact when u collect one diamond or bit of toast - u end up collecting the whole lot in one. hmmmmm looks like i need to look at my work more closely it seems.

And as for the talkie 007 cartoon - well that has been put on hold for now as i want to complete the demo of this repton based game first.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

i know i have not wrttien in this journal for over a month it seems. and why is that? well i have been working on a couple of games and the talkie 007 cartoon - drawing the backgrounds and characters. There is another game on Dungeon-13 called Toaties, which is your basic pacman type game. And now i am working on a repton mania type game now. The script for Talkie 007 prt 1 can be found at Kochanski's Living Room, which the link is located either on the left here or on the welcome page of Floor-13.
I am also learning how to use maya (a 3d modelling package) why? well i would like to get started on making some 3d games eventually and I have a good idea for one, but i need to work out the plot and do some concept art of what the screens and characters gonna look like.
I am also currently working on the script for the second prt of Talkie 007 cartoon as well. There is gonna be three parts this cartoon now i have worked out instead of two.
I think that is all that i have to say for now. I will try and update this journal a bit more often.

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